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5 Things: A list of what I’m loving right now.

For those of you who’ve been following for awhile, you’re aware of my love of listing.  Those of you who are new, I’m going to tell you something: Lists are gifts to us directly from baby Jesus.

This week I’ve been thinking about being more mindful and thankful for all the great things I have in my life, in order to focus on the positive and maybe even enhance it a bit.  Cuz my life is cool, celebrate!

*My new nephew and I, enjoying some cuddles!*Me and Batman.

So here’s my five for January, enjoy 🙂

5) No wheat diet. I never thought I’d be one of these people, because I likes me some wheat, but I could no longer ignore what’s happening around me: we are living in an increasingly wheat free world, and it seems like every one of my friends who goes to a naturopath ends up giving up wheat and immediately raving about how good they feel.  Well now it’s ME raving!!!  I’m eating almond flour bread, coconut flour cookies, lots of veggies and a a little meat.  I feel so good right now!  I’m working on the dairy component, and I have to say coconut yogurt is yum.  I ate some cheese today though, so you know…baby steps 🙂

almond flour bread

4) My history class.  Right now I’m taking Tudor and Stuart England, and oh my goodness, it’s like watching an amazing documentary twice a week, only better because I get to ask questions.  I can’t beleive this is how I get to spend my days!


3) Harry Potter.  Right now I’m on The Goblet of Fire, and I’m alternating between that and the movies.  I never got into the books when they came out, but my sister told me I had to do it so I started the first one during Christmas break.  I’m finding that reading something for myself during school is actually helping me focus on my school work even more, because it makes me happy.  Nice 🙂


2) My new yellow peeptoes.  Sometimes a pair of shoes really does lift your mood, and these are just so special and fun!  I got them from Modcloth, and I’m just itching for Spring to arrive so I can wear them outside.  Because, you know, I’ve been wearing them inside every day.  All day.


1) My husband.  I know I know, he’s always on my list.  But right now, I’m so super duper proud of him I could burst.  While I’ve been in school basking in the comfy world of academia, he has finished our renovations, staged and sold our house, then sold a whole bunch of the stuff we didn’t want to move and packed the rest to come live with me in BC.  He quit his job, he’s leaving the home he worked hard to buy on his own, and he’s just done it with so much generosity and patience that I am in awe.  The icing on this perfectly baked man cake is that the other day, I realized that maybe one of the reasons I fell in love with him in the first place is that he looks like a blond JFK…Seriously, I don’t know how I got so lucky.