Stop deleting your fb friends, dammit!

I love when I hear people dising facebook…love it!  Because then I get a chance to argue them down to the ground about it.  And I always win, because my position just makes sense.  I have a lot of friends.  In real life and on facebook.  I’m not saying it in a smug way, I give up a lot of “me time” to stay connected to these friends, both in real life and on my computer.  And I used to get hassled a lot for having a high number of facebook friends.  “Are they REALLY all your FRIENDS, Brianna?” people would … Continue reading Stop deleting your fb friends, dammit!

How to make a Decision

I have encountered a bit of this lately; friends of mine deciding whether or not they should go on that vacation, buy that house…marry that guy.  I used to have trouble making decisions too, until I ended up getting divorced, and concluding that there was obviously something wrong with my decision-making capabilities.  For over a year, I put all of my major decisions to a vote of my close friends and family.  It worked out pretty well…I did get tired of my entire life being up for debate ALL of the TIME, but I have to say the results were no worse … Continue reading How to make a Decision

How to be a Sparkling Conversationalist

Mom always said: Be interestED, and interestING.  This is the key to great conversations.  So how many bad conversations are you involved in every day, every week?  How many of them are bad because of you?  It’s a touchy subject, I know…most of us like to think we are the epitome of charm and wit, dazzling others with our conversational skills.  Unfortunately, current evidence will point to the contrary.  I read an article the other day that said this next generation of kids will be almost unable to write an essay in school, much less hold an impromptu conversation with … Continue reading How to be a Sparkling Conversationalist

Tell him to try again!!!

Something that’s been coming up again and again in my world is the subject of divorce. My own divorce will be final this summer…but it’s other couples divorces that have been brought to my attention of late. Those of friends, aquaintances, family…and they all seem to be young couples. Now, there could be, and are, many many reasons for this. We are the McDonalds generation, bred for instant gratification…we are so used to getting exactly what we want that marriage and compromise (the C word), just don’t resonate with us…the list of reasons goes on and on. I have my … Continue reading Tell him to try again!!!