How do you KNOW?

Sometimes (often, actually) I wonder when I’m going to become a real adult. I look around at other people who are around my age and think they’re adults, and I wonder if people think I am?  Then my thoughts invariably pass to “well, what makes an adult?  A mortgage?  Breeding?  A career?  A beard?”  And what if you have only a couple of these things?  Ok, and what if you used to have them, and now you don’t?  Are you demoted back to teenagehood? I’m in that last category these days, having traded in our house for a basement suite so … Continue reading How do you KNOW?

My Struggle with Infertility

The title might suggest that I’m pregnant, but sadly I’m still not.  It’s not for lack of trying though.  This summer I quit my job with the intention of focusing on my health and starting a family.  My logic was that since I had gotten pregnant and miscarried both in July/August (years apart), that my body was more fertile in the summer.  If I tried hard enough, I could get pregnant in the summer, finish school by Christmas, and we’d be on our way to starting our family by…well, now. The dreamboat and I had been trying to conceive for 2 years … Continue reading My Struggle with Infertility

Summer Reads

I haven’t gotten to read a lot of books of my choosing the last couple of years because I’ve gone back to school and the textbook reading has been non-stop…especially since I’ve taken classes through 2 summers.  If anything, it’s made me even more determined because if I have to read all this other stuff, I’m damn-well going to read something I want!  So I spend a significant amount of time finding books I want to read in Chapters, Amazon and in my parent’s library.  My sister reads a lot too so she supports my habit on birthdays and Christmas.  … Continue reading Summer Reads

Bit of a Mess

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re far less capable of juggling the requirements of North American life than other people?  I mean all of them.  Well I do. When I stop to think about it, it kind of makes sense. I’ve had no real routine in my life for longer than three months for years. My house is in a constant state of torn-apartness and renos. I’m either trying to do school work, or attend classes, or go to work sometimes all in the same day most of the year. We’re trying to conceive and it’s constantly on my mind. My husband … Continue reading Bit of a Mess

The odd and wonderful decor items found in my home

As I’ve gotten older, more mature (haha), and learned more about who I am, my decorative expression has grown decidedly weirder. I used to love show homes and would always want to copy the bland, one-style-fits-many esthetic that most of them have but these days the idea of blandness leaves me cold. I have grown into a sort of Alice in Wonderland meets Grey Gardens meets bi-polar 50s housewife kind of style, which I’m super proud of. Mr. Dreamy and I spend much of our free time hunting for unique items in antique shops that express our special brand of … Continue reading The odd and wonderful decor items found in my home