Welcome to my blog, you!  I’m very happy you came 🙂 I am a foster mom, wife, youth worker, fast driving drinker of too much coffee, at least most days.  I live in Chilliwack BC, near a river and some gorgeous mountains.  I sing a lot.  I swear a lot.  I like to ask hard questions and listen to people discover their answers to them.  I write, not only this blog but books, too.  I have two little weiner dogs who are so cute but so rude to strangers.  I think the most important thing you can do with another human being is to ask them about themselves and really listen to their answers, and I try to do that with someone every single day.  I believe in people.  And if you like any of these things too, read some of this blog and see if you like anything else.  I’d like that 🙂

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Brianna. I stumbled across your blog last night. I just had to leave a comment because it is weird how much alike we are. My me is Breanna Carson as well and going to school for psychology. I enjoyed reading your blog and you do have really good insight. I enjoyed the skinny ninja post and it is so true, things are not always what they seem and we do not have to be bound to cultural/society norms!

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