January confessions

In a recent conversation with my Mom, I compared someone I know to a towel, whilst I am a chandelier.

Tonight I decided to make my parents a dinner reminiscent of our trip to Italy this past fall, and I bought about $14.00 worth of cheese for the gnocchi.  It ended up tasting like nothing, but I ate a lot of it.

I bought a TWU school sweatshirt and t-shirt, though I’ll wear neither in public.  I was pretty embarassed buying them too, but I HAD to.

I feel like a really bad person swearing in my car at slow drivers in the Trinity Western parking lot, but I do it anyway.  Every day.

I enjoy watching Whitney.  It’s sick.

The fitted sheet on my bed is ripped in one corner and the tear is spreading, but I just keep sleeping on it.

If someone in my class has a laptop and opens up their facebook during a lecture, I feel no shame in reading whatever I see over their shoulder.  Fair enough, right?

There are a couple of people I’ve met this month that I secretly hope I become best friends with.

I’ve got roughly 4 weight loss plans on the shelf, and though I very much need to drop some weight…I remain reticent.

If I feel sad, I check my blog stats.




  1. Wendy Delamont Lees

    Whoa, I hope I’m not the towel…but I’d love to be in the running for best friend :-). Love your blog, Brianna. Love it.

  2. briannacarson

    You’re definitely not a towel! And I thought we were best friends? Haha, you’re the best!

  3. These are great. I’m kind of inspired to go do it on my blog.

  4. briannacarson

    oh golly, really? That is AWESOME. Do it!!!

  5. Nicole

    I’m loving having you back in town, and you’re right you are a chandelier!

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