West Coast Vs. Prairies

I am a really egotistical west coast girl, I’ll admit it.  I come from Vancouver, where everything is better than the rest of Canada.  We have better scenery, better restaurants, better clothing boutiques, better looking people.  Wait.  We do have better looking people, right?

When I’m wrong about something, I’ll admit it.  It just takes me a very long time to see that I’m actually wrong.  Here’s what I’ve been noticing in the prairies: Prairie people are hot!  I noticed in Athabasca this past December that the people walking around in parkas and touques are all supermodels in the making (plus they don’t know it, which makes them even hotter), hot cops, hot South African Doctors…YES.  Hot South African Doctors.  As in more than one.  In Athabasca. 

This afternoon I arrived in Winnipeg, and at the car rental place there were two very hot men in suits who looked like chiseled ken-dolls there to help me.  Either Enterprise Rent-a-Car is THE place to work in Manitoba or…yep, you guessed it, everyone looks like that.

So, loyal readers, I want to formally apologise to the prairies for marginalising them.  We on the Coast have better scenery, restaurants and boutiques…and will now be importing your men.

Thank You.


3 thoughts on “West Coast Vs. Prairies

  1. Hahaha, thanks for the apology. On behalf of Manitoba, I accept, hey wait you didn’t say anything about the ladies!?!?!!? Oh wait, that’s because we’re so smart, we already moved west 😉

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