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What makes me SWOON.

So I went to Starbucks this morning to get my morning coffee the way I always do.  I was standing in line minding my own business when I caught a whiff of something that almost made my knees buckle.  Yes, it was a man smell, some kind of cologne.  I don’t know what it is, but the smell thing has always gotten me as long as I can remember.  When I was 18 and working at Muffin Break, there was a guy who’d come in every morning for coffee and a muffin, and he smelled divine.  I and whoever was working with me that day would be in a trance-like state for a while after he left everyday, it was that good.  I worked with a guy at Starbucks, years later, same thing.  It doesn’t happen all that often, but great-smelling men seem to frequent coffee shops.  And I don’t think it’s a particular scent, it’s just the scent that works for those people.  It works REALLY WELL.

So this morning, I smelled someone (I have no idea who it was) and within 2 seconds my knees almost buckled.  It scares me a little, because it’s almost like roofies, I may have no choice what I end up doing.  If you’re a guy and you’re reading this, please be kind.  I want to be good, and I probably won’t like you for you, but if you smell that great and come near me I may have to make out with you in public.  I do apologise in advance.

So what makes YOU swoon???


I like shopping at stores with one of a kind items, so I spend a lot of time at Goodwill and Antique Malls. I love Ambrosia salad, and refuse to eat perogies. Aside from my husband, my Mom is my very best friend even though I hated her off and on when I was a teenager. I believe you should know the reasons you do the things you do, and am constantly asking myself why I think, feel and behave the way I do in every situation. I'm probably a narcisist.

4 thoughts on “What makes me SWOON.

  1. LOL – I’m with you!! And it can be bad! In fact, a couple times I couldn’t help myself – I just HAD to chase him down and ask what he was wearing that smelled SO good! The answer both times : Obsession. Crazy eh?

  2. Too funny! I get the same way around a certain scent coming from a man. I have never figured out what it is but I worked in a clinic with this doctor who always smelled SO good. I would just go and sit near him so I could smell it – which was hard for me because he wasn’t really all that nice to be around aside from the smell 🙂

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