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This morning I went to the Drug Store to buy throat lozenges.  I have this cold that isn’t going away because I can’t sleep lately, and sleep is when your body gets better, so…I caved and bought stuff I never usually buy.  Throat lozenges.  So when I was there, a lady in front of me was buying lottery tickets.  First she checked the ones she had in her purse, then she bought new ones.  None of the ones she had on her were winners, so she bought a bunch more.  And this made me wonder, how many people do that every day?  It’s a billion dollar industry, so the only thing I can surmise from this is that there are a whole lot of people pinning their hopes on winning money.  If they didn’t believe that they could win, and that winning would solve a lot of things for them, they wouldn’t play, right?

Am I the only person who finds that incredibly depressing???


I like shopping at stores with one of a kind items, so I spend a lot of time at Goodwill and Antique Malls. I love Ambrosia salad, and refuse to eat perogies. Aside from my husband, my Mom is my very best friend even though I hated her off and on when I was a teenager. I believe you should know the reasons you do the things you do, and am constantly asking myself why I think, feel and behave the way I do in every situation. I'm probably a narcisist.

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