Where does the good go?

Yes, it’s the name of a Tegan and Sarah song.  It’s also a great question; where does YOUR good go?  Here’s the thought: we all have an huge capacity for doing good.  So that means everything from making someone feel good about themselves to devoting your life to AIDS research, and everything in between.  Most of us, myself included are focused on being happy, which if we really think about it, is a by-product of being productive.  So why not focus on being productive?  I don’t mean having fun or making money, I mean being productive by making the world you live in better.  By saying a kind word to a stranger.  By throwing a party and raising money for orphanages in Chernobyl.  By volunteering at a local soup kitchen once a week.  The possibilities are endless, and every single option will do two things: it will improve the lives of others, and it will make you feel better.

So the present question is this:  What are you currently doing in your life that takes the place of serving?  Are you watching tv?  Are you working?  Are you keeping yourself so busy with activities and tasks that you have no time to do what’s important???

Where does YOUR good go?  I’d love answers from whoever’s brave enough to respond.


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