I Want to make the Family Stone!

Have you seen the movie?  If not, you need to rent it.  Hell, BUY it.  This movie is the main reason I sometimes feel an undeniable and uncontrolable urge to have 5 children.  I just want a big old house with a funny, laid back husband who loves me and a bunch of kids we adore…and it’ll be messy and colourful and chaotic and loud.  And it’ll be us. 

The Family Stone is dysfunctional and imperfect.  But they just love each other soooo much.  And it feels good, like my family in movie version.  There’s just more swearing in the movie than in my real family.

I never used to want to have kids.  Growing up, I dreamed of travelling and writing and having adventures; plans that weren’t condusive to getting married or having kids.  I still want to travel, write…I still want to have adventures.  Now I think, I would like to have a family too.  I think I could maybe find someone to make a family with who’d want to have a grand adventure.  Someone who wouldn’t care that it’s messy and loud and costs a lot of money, because it’s what he wants too.

That could happen, don’t you think?  I think it could.


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