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The SECRET to starting your own Business

It’s true; I’ve owned several businesses.  I’ve had 5 websites, myriads of business cards designed and printed, I’ve registered names and gst numbers with the government, I’ve written 2 business plans, one qualifying my business for a $30,000 loan, my work has been in the newspaper and on TV, I’ve written articles, and have actually been recognised by someone because my picture in the newspaper ended up in her inspirational scrapbook.  And…I’ve never been rich.


When someone tells me they own their own business, I automatically assume he or she is poor until I see otherwise.  Why?  Because by and large, small business owners are all the same: Big dreams, small bank accounts.  You do not start a business to make a lot of money; that’s a recipe for failure we’ve all seen time and time again.  You start a business because you have a passion to do something better than everyone else who’s currently doing it…because you want to build a company YOUR way, obviously the RIGHT way…and most importantly: because it’s actually impossible for you to not do it.

In this light, asking a small business person if he or she is rich is like asking a parent if they’re rich because he or she has a baby.  It’s that funny.  Now, you can get rich off of your small business of course…this is sometimes the goal of the business owner, as I’m sure it’s sometimes the goal of certain parents.  And both are possible.  But something I have learned by watching is the people who make money are always the ones who absolutely LOVE what they do…and who subsequently don’t care about money beyond their basic needs.  I’m going to say it…and I know I’ll ruffle some feathers, here, but: all of those “realise your dreams of being rich” books, cd’s, emails etc…they don’t work.  Know why?  Because those are someone’s business.  They’re making money off your misguided notions of what small business IS.  Because if you were that dedicated to building your own business, you’d be doing all the stuff they tell you to already.  Because copying someone else’s system, unless it’s a franchise, is lame.  They’ve already done it.  How many notable people in the world do you know of  who got successful by following someone else’s recipe???

The very idea of copying a success story is as ludicrous as the idea of starting a business to make money.  They’re both ways to spend a lot of your money on something intangible and end up with nothing.  I do see value in duplicating successful habits, mantras and ideas on how to go about things…but that’s diferent.  Thinking a book or CD will show you how to be successful really IS too good to be true.

I watched Citizen Kane the other night, and if you don’t know the story about that movie take a minute to look it up; it’s fascinating.  What I got from watching the film itself as well as the film about the film and it’s repercussions on the star (Orson Welles) and the subject (Randolph Hearst), was this: Success takes dogged determination, BIG personality, and gall.  You don’t have to be the smartest, prettiest, or most talented person; you just have to believe in what you’re doing, then wake up every single morning with a single mind to do it.  People can be resistant to what you’re trying to do in the world, but they’ll eventually be worn down.  We are all basically lazy.  The trick then, is remind yourself constantly who you are and what you’re doing, and do it relentlessly.  Pretty simple for a secret, huh?

If you have enough conviction in what you’re doing, you’re unbeatable, unstoppable and incrushable.  So: DO you?


I like shopping at stores with one of a kind items, so I spend a lot of time at Goodwill and Antique Malls. I love Ambrosia salad, and refuse to eat perogies. Aside from my husband, my Mom is my very best friend even though I hated her off and on when I was a teenager. I believe you should know the reasons you do the things you do, and am constantly asking myself why I think, feel and behave the way I do in every situation. I'm probably a narcisist.

9 thoughts on “The SECRET to starting your own Business

  1. LOL That was a great blog. I hope more people read that. I am so tired of the “do it my way and get rich quick” salespeople who are online. I just want to do what makes me happy and earn at least decent money to help take care of my family! Good post.

  2. Brianna, this blog interests me. I have recently started my own business, where I learn how to run it, from the people who have been successful, very successful. I do think people should still seek out sources to help guide them to be successful at their dreams. I do agree that people are lazy, and because of this are not successful due to this. People have a desire to run their own life, vs their employer dictating where they live, how long their holidays last, how much they can make and how many hours a week they need to spend away from their family.

    A great book to read that addresses the issue of becoming wealthy, and owning a business is the sequel to “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” is “Cashflow Quadrant”. I recommend that people who want to own their life and have ample money at the same time; they may be able to retire well, if it is done correctly.

    Good on you for choosing to own your life by being your own boss. I have always envied your ambition. I pray that one day you will find THE business that WILL bring in the money and make you happy!

    1. “Cashflow Quadrant” is not a “How To” book directly, but more of a guide. There will not be specifics for one answer, but more so the concepts on how to get there, as each situation is so individual.

  3. Dylan, have we talked about this? We’ve talked about so many great things…I’m sure your influence is found in many facets of my brain 😉

    Jody, I don’t think you’re wrong, you CAN make money doing your own thing, for sure. I think there are two camps: the purists who are in business to create something beautiful that did not exist previously, and the “system followers” who use business as a means to an end. I am quite obviously a purist, and as you’ll see above the people who agree with me are as well.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be your own boss or reading books to learn how to be successful; I’ve read more of these books than I can count. The thing is, buying a system IS having a boss, you just pay to work for someone. And I know what they tell you, I’ve been involved in MLMs, I’ve heard the pitches, been to seminars…for years. You’re successful when you do what someone else has done; and that’s what purists cannot abide.

    So it’s not that I’m poor and sad…it’s that my businesses never made me rich with money, they made me rich with experience and excitement and relationships. The money part is secondary, only a scorekeeping system.
    I have interviewed many successful people who’ve made it in small and medium business, and not one of them ever did it for money. It was always for love.

    The way you can tell if you’re a purist or not? Purists despise the notion of spending LESS time on their businesses…it’s what we love to do.

  4. Thanks folks! As long as I’m allowed, I will blog. It helps me way more than it helps anyone else. Sad but true 🙂

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